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Deer Management and Deer Control 

in Kent, Sussex, Essex, Surrey

Deer management or deer control is the practice of managing the wildlife to control the population of the deer on the ground.

In our days wildlife management is required in most areas of the county and that is why I am offering high level of surveying, precision and planing regardless of property size. Fallow and Sika deer prefer to stick in small groups but sometimes this groups can get very larger and this is exactly when they can damage significant amount of crop or decimate a lot of tree saplings in freshly planted woodland. Roe deer are tend to stay in small groups of 2-4 and they are less destructive then fallow or sika but known for their love for roses buds and freshly open flowers. Muntjac is really seen in pairs and prefers to meet with other muntjac only during the rut period, they are very shy and its very hard to spot them in tall undergrowth. All deer need to be controlled, but some more then others - that is why careful planning required before any actions taken.

I am mainly specialising in controlling and managing deer as it is most established in the area, but the wild boar population growing steady and spreads rather quick across the area therefore in some areas the boar already needs proper management. Deer and boar management is not exclusive, I also can under take fox, rabbit and squirrel control.

I have all relevant qualifications:

DSC (deer stalking certificate) level 1 and 2 - his qualifications now considered as a MUST by most of the big forestry companies and estates

Trained in safe use of Fire arms and qualified as Range Conducting Officer (RCO) with NRA, Active member of British Deer Society and BASC

Trained and registered as the Humane Dispatch Officer if the deer is involved in RTA

Fully insured at all times 

I am providing high level of wildlife management with yearly reports on culling figures + general understanding of animal numbers, movements and conditions on the land. Due to my occupation as the farm manager I am very well aware of the potential issues/damage which can be caused by unmanaged deer if no actions taken, I am equipped to take on properties of any size on very short notice. 

So if you have a garden, farm land or woodland and deer become a bit over welcome on it do not hesitate to contact me.

Well managed fallow deer on local farm.
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